Anti Bullying Assembly

Having An Anti Bullying Assembly to Stop Bullying

The virtual anti-bullying show is designed with a few goals in mind. First, is to educate the children without the fear of being teased. Bullying is a severe offense, and almost all of the schools across the nation have strict policies that uphold zero tolerance for bullying. Those who get bullied may be slower at learning than the rest of the group. The virtual anti-bullying show keeps everyone on the same level, so no one feels left out. The second plan is to make everything fun, so everyone is also on the same level. When children remain at the same level, there is less chance of bullying. Last is to provide awareness, so bullying can be spotted in a hurry and ended.

The Story Ship is part of an anti bullying assembly when one is put together. Two special stories are aimed at fighting against bullying. These stories work in favor of schools to educate the harm bullying can do to an individual. It lets those who are bullies know it is wrong and is not tolerated under any circumstances. Suicide has risen over the past ten years for children due to bullying. Whether they are bullied in person or cyberbullying is taking place, it is wrong. It teaches what a person who is bullied should do to protect themselves and make the perpetrators leave them alone. Those who lack self-esteem are more likely to be bullied. The ones who are the bullies may be looking for attention, or they are taught that somewhere else. The Story Ship, LLC, works to stop bullying.