"Pirate Goodie & The Magic Chest"



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Join Pirate Goodie aboard The Story Ship for a virtual kids school show with magic, music, puppets, animation, interactive puzzles and games.


The Story..

Pirate Goodie has found a treasure chest with unlimited riches. But the treasure is cursed. He has to open it everyday with a new crew to keep his gold. Are you going to be part of his new crew? Can you help him unravel the mystery to open his chest. He and undersea friends could sure use a hand.

Along the way you'll met a cast of characters demonstrating specific character flaws (Honesty, Patience, Perseverance, Kindness, Cooperation, Respect) that help direct the kids toward leading a more fulfilling life with strong character traits.

How it works...

Participators have the option of downloading a printable treasure map that can be used as a scavenger hunt and during the show. The show is highly entertaining even without the map so it is not absolutely necessary. Images of the map are shown throughout the show. Links to download the map and view additional supporting videos are given when you book a show.  Again, this show works great without the map. So, if you don't have time to download the map, print and prep for the show, we got you covered!


  • Live Actor

  • Amazing Puppets, Magic, Animation, Music

  • Highly Interactive With Kids Moving, Singing and Responding Every 2 Minutes

  • Scavenger Hunt With Map In Your Location

  • Anti-Bullying Kindness Theme For Schools


Pre-K - 3rd Grades

50 Minute Show

Download Study Guide

Available Through - Google Meet, Zoom, Facebook, Youtube and most all streaming portals.

Also Available As A Pre-Recorded Show - Call (912)-663-6320 or email for more information.

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