Virtual Math School Show

What the Virtual Math School Show Is About

"The Fairy Godfather and The Wand of Dreams," is the virtual math school show set up for Pre-K through third grade. The show goes on for about 45 to 50 minutes and is available through Facebook, Zoom, Youtube, and most streaming devices. The storyline for the virtual math school show is about this Fairy Godfather, who is working on solving the thousand-year crime. There is a land called "Happily Ever After." The place appears to be having problems. Someone stole The Wand of Dreams, and everything is going south. The Fairy Godfather works with the audience to gather the suspects. Every suspect has a story as the mystery moves along. Different characters throughout the story have the purpose of making the kids think about problem-solving with numbers. As the story goes along, it allows the kids to interact with the characters to help The Fairy Godfather find The Wand of Dreams. The problems consist of addition, subtraction, and telling time.

As the elementary school assembly gathers, the shows put on by The Story Ship, LLC, make it easier to comply with the new mandates put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing is observed and followed strictly. Most schools throughout the United States have moved to virtual, so everyone follows along the same lines with the idea of The Story Ship. As everyone is becoming more accustomed to the fact this is the new norm, for now, it helps lighten the situation with some fun interaction while staying safe. Through virtual schools, those who remain home during this time of confusion and chaos of all the virus has caused can still participate through their online setup. They are still considered part of the elementary school assembly. No one gets left out while the fun times are happening. Learning and entertainment is a priceless experience.