Virtual Schools Assembly

How the Virtual Schools Assembly Brings Everyone Together for the Live Show

The virtual schools assembly allows all the schools to watch the live event on any streaming devices. With all the technology we have available today, there is almost nothing we cannot do. Bringing all the children into a virtual schools assembly allows a screen to be shown anywhere in the country with The Story Ship playing any one of the four shows available. All schools have to do is have an account with anyone of the live streaming systems of their choice. Once the account is set up, they can log on to the media page and have it up on their big screen in no time. Most of the schools use Zoom and Facebook. Zoom has a special where only 50 classes can appear for the show. Any more than that, the system will either bog down or crash. The Story Ship has a Facebook page where the live show airs. The virtual schools assembly can catch it from there with little to no issues.

The virtual reading show assembly is pretty much the same thing. It allows all of those in attendance to learn from the educational side of the show and interact. The showing is unique, fun, and accessible. The educational side follows the school guidelines for different grades. It allows all of the students to become interactive with the show. Within every two minutes, give or take, there are songs the kids can sing along with, magic tricks, dancing to the music, talking with the animated characters and puppets, and solving puzzles. Everyone who leaves the show says the same thing that it is one of a kind. Over hundreds of performances have been tested, and each is carefully put together. All who witness the show have a good time as they laugh and enjoy what is available for both kids and adults. It is also easy to set up and not hard on the pocketbook at all.